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Refresh Your Car for Spring

Spring is here and you’ll be as glad as we are that the cold and wet weather is nearly over. The colourful flowers are blooming and the sun is starting to make an appearance again.

Let’s be honest; we’re sometimes guilty of neglecting our cars during the freezing winter months. But when it comes to the spring, it’s time to make a few changes.

Let’s take a look at some of the checks you should carry out on your vehicle to make sure everything is in good working order for spring.

A Spring Clean

Winter generally has the worst weather of the year and this has the ability to affect the condition of your car. All of the dirt and grime that gathers on the outside of your vehicle can be very damaging for the paintwork. It’s even worse when it’s gathered over the winter period. So, as soon as spring is here, it’s time for a deep clean. This means using a light pressure washer to get rid of all the grime and using car products to remove all the dirt. This is going to save your car from rusting.

Change the Tyres Back

If you have winter tyres on your vehicle right now, you’ll want to switch back to your regular ones again. This is a simple process which we will happily do for at Saffron Autos.

When they’re ready to go, make sure you check them over since they will have been in storage for a while. This includes checking the tread to make sure that it’s at the legal requirement for driving on the road. In addition, for safety and fuel efficiency, take a look at your tyre pressure to make sure it’s at the right level.

Test the Brakes

During the winter, your brakes work hard to keep you safe in the snow, ice and rain. When spring comes around, it’s recommended to have your brakes tested. For example, if you hear squeaking noises or grinding and suspect it’s from your brakes, it’s going to be time for a service. It’s always best to be safe rather than sorry. Regular servicing makes sure your car is in the best condition for you and your family to be safe.

Check the Wipers and Top Up Washer Fluids

One thing that a lot of drivers forget about is the windshield wipers. They work hard to get rid of the snow, ice and rain during the winter, as well as dealing with low temperatures. This can affect how well they work. For this reason, it’s best to check them in the spring. If you notice that they aren’t wiping away dirty anymore or they are leaving streaks on your window, this might be a sign that you need to invest in some new ones.

In addition, you’ll want to top up your washer fluids too. This is the time of the year where flies and bugs hit your windshield and this can be a pain when you are driving. To make sure that your visibility is not affected on the roads, top up your washer fluids.

Arrange an Air Conditioning Service

Have you ever wondered if you need an air conditioning service? Well, some of the signs you should look out for often emerge after the long winter months. Of course, you use your air conditioning during the spring to cool you down. You might notice that when you switch it on, there is a bad smell or odour. This can be caused by mould and bacteria that has built up during the winter. It should really be used during the winter to avoid problems, but drivers don’t always do this.

In addition, dust and dirt gathering in the pollen filters can be a problem, especially if you have allergies. We all know that allergies can be worse during the spring and summer, so it’s best to arrange an air conditioning service to have these cleaned for you. If there is any water present around your air conditioning system, this could be the evaporator.

It’s also important to remember that the lubricant for the air conditioning system should be replaced every two years. This is going to keep the system working at its best for the spring.

If you have problems with your air conditioning or want to get the system up and running again for the spring without any issues, you can choose an air conditioning service. At Saffron Autos our experienced technicians will inspect your air conditioning system, ensure the system cleans, dries and cools the air just when you need it most.

At Saffron Autos we’re here to serve the motorists of Saffron Walden so if you’d like some assistance with any of the above, or you’d like to book your vehicle in for a service or Spring health check then give us a call as we here to help.

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