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Regardless of how fast you go, you have to be able to stop! Which is why at Saffron Auto’s we offer a free brakes check to give you peace of mind.

Like all of the components on your vehicle, the brakes have minimum specifications. Our skilled technicians will take accurate measurements and advise on brake serviceability.

The accuracy of our measurements always ensures you’ll be safe, whilst ensuring we maximise the service life to save you money.

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Car Brake Saffron Walden

Comprehensive brakes check


Check performance of all brakes and brake balance in the rolling road.


Check and adjust handbrake operation.


Inspect and measure front brake pads for serviceability and report. Strip clean and refit as required.


Inspect and measure front brake discs for serviceability including run out where required and report.


Inspect and measure rear brake pads or shoes for serviceability and report. Strip clean and refit as required.


Inspect and measure rear brake discs/drums for serviceability including run-out where required and report.


Brake fluid test and check. Top up brake fluid as required.


Check brake calipers and wheel cylinders for serviceability and report.


Check and report on the condition of all brake hoses and hydraulic lines.


Carry out a diagnostic scan of the ABS and Traction control system for historic and current fault codes and report.

How much does this cost?

We offer a FREE brakes check along with our comprehensive brake service and inspection. Our comprehensive service and inspection starts from only £72 Inc VAT

When can I book?

Keeping you safe is important so we’ll always ensure we make your appointment at the earliest opportunity. We also have a range of courtesy vehicles for your convenience.

Book A Brakes Check

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