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Diagnostic Evaluation

Do you have a fault light on or an electrical issue? Is your vehicle misbehaving? If so then you’re in the right place.

At Saffron Auto’s we specialise in vehicle diagnosis and are fortunate to have Matthew Eeles, winner of the prestigious Top Technician UK award and a leader in this field under our roof.

Accurate and efficient diagnosis is a combination of the right information, the correct tooling, and a highly skilled and knowledgeable technician.

Saffron Autos has these which means that your vehicle will be diagnosed in a timely manner the first time we see it.

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How we carry out your car diagnostic evaluation


Client consultation gives our technician the opportunity to gather important information relating to your vehicle.


Inspection of the vehicle with the client ensures that our understanding of the fault is in line with the clients.


All vehicle computer systems are interrogated for current and historic faults.


Technical product bulletins may now be consulted. This brings to light any know issues for the model and available software updates.


Relevant computer system data evaluated allows the technician to highlight anomalies and identify the tests required to identify the cause.


Technical information will be consulted to identify any system specifics required for testing. Wiring diagrams are commonly consulted at this juncture.


Tests are now carried out in a logical order often using serial data tools, oscilloscopes, pressure and flow gauges and a whole host of technical paraphernalia. It’s our favourite part.


We’ll now have the test results we need to make an accurate assessment of your problem and call you with our analysis and recommendations.

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Don't you just plug in a computer?

Using a computer is an important part of the evaluation (point 3 in our process) and faults can be highlighted here.

One fault code could have numerous causes which are why the tests in point 7 are essential to identify the exact cause. Testing is a crucial element in the process and ensures a first time fix with the lowest possible cost.

How much is an diagnostic evaluation?

Every vehicle is different so the final cost of diagnosis depends on the number of tests required for your vehicle. The initial evaluation costs £75 inc VAT which typically includes points 1 through to 8. Should the number of tests required exceed the initial evaluation then we’ll contact you with our recommendations.

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