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ev service
ev service

EV Service

Welcome to Saffron Autos, your local independent garage for all your EV service needs in Saffron Walden. 

As the shift towards electric vehicles accelerates, we’re at the forefront; our expert technicians can perform any EV servicing using their extensive knowledge and experience. 

We can handle all your EV service needs, so if you’re searching “EV servicing near me”, look no further. 

Book your EV service today at Saffron Autos.

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ev service

Do electric vehicles need servicing?

Absolutely. While they have electric elements, EVs also have conventional components that need regular checks to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

This includes the standard vehicle service plus the EV battery system. 

If you’re unsure, the manufacturer guidelines will highlight the ideal servicing times to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

Book your EV service today; call our experts at Saffron Autos.

ev service


Yes, while EVs may seem low-maintenance compared to traditional vehicles, they still require yearly checks. 

The frequency of your EV service will vary depending on make, model, and usage. 

You can usually find your vehicle’s recommended servicing schedule in your vehicle handbook, or some models will have an in-car reminder that will notify you when it’s due.

Book your EV service today at Saffron Autos.

Looking for electric vehicle servicing?

Call Saffron Autos today for a quality EV service.

ev service

Why Saffron Autos for electric vehicle servicing?

Saffron Autos is your local independent garage offering premium EV vehicle servicing for better than dealership value. Our technicians are EV specialists with experience working on all electric vehicles. They’ve got the skills needed to keep your vehicle in peak condition. 

Our experts care for your vehicle like their own. With our unique approach to servicing and maintenance, your electric vehicle couldn’t be in better hands.

ev service

How do I know if my service is due?

Your electric vehicle’s servicing schedule depends on your vehicle’s mileage and usage. However, at Saffron Autos, we recommend having your electric vehicle serviced every year to keep it in peak condition.

Most electric vehicles have an indicator alerting you when your next EV service is due. 

Still unsure when your service is due? Call our experts at Saffron Autos today for some assistance.

Do I have to take my car to the manufacturer’s service center?

No need. At Saffron Autos, we cover Saffron Walden and nearby areas; and we have the experience, skills, and technical know-how to service any electric vehicle. 

Why visit the main dealerships when you can get outstanding customer service and better value with us?

Call Saffron Autos today and let our EV specialists care for your vehicle.

ev service

How quickly can you book me in?

At Saffron Autos, we’ll aim to make your EV service as convenient as possible, booking your vehicle at a time that works for you.

Book your EV servicing by calling 01799 521273 today. Our specialists are always happy to help.

Our opening hours are:

Mon- Fri | 8.00 am – 5.30 pm

Saturday | 8.00 am – 12.30 pm

Sunday | Closed


ev service booking

Looking for electric vehicle servicing?

Call Saffron Autos today for a quality EV service.

What happens during an EV service? What do you replace/check?


Lighting & Visibility – We thoroughly check your vehicle’s lighting system to ensure it works optimally and without fault. Every window, wiper, and mirror gets a close look to find any flaws, and we also ensure that the number plates are clear and undamaged. Call Saffron Autos today for your EV service.


Vehicle Interior – Your vehicle’s interior is inspected for functionality. The horn, seat belts, air conditioning, and hazard lights are all tested to ensure they work optimally. We even address all warning messages on your dashboard. Call us today for your EV servicing.


Steering, Drive, and Suspension – Parts such as the wheel bearings and joints are inspected for proper function and strength. We also thoroughly check the front and back shock absorbers while ensuring all wheels are aligned correctly.


Braking – Your vehicle’s entire braking system, from brake pads to discs, is reviewed, ensuring it’s in tip-top shape and functioning safely. Book your EV servicing with us.


Under Vehicle – The integrity of both the battery and high-voltage cables are assessed to ensure they remain undamaged, while all connectors are inspected for signs of corrosion. The battery depends on its fluid content to maintain a stable temperature, so we perform inspections to verify the fluid levels and to detect any potential leaks.


Tyre Inspection – All tyres, including the spare, are closely reviewed to ensure they’re in peak condition. Their pressures are adjusted for optimal performance, and the wheels are examined for any signs of wear or damage. Call Saffron Autos for your EV servicing.


Final Checks – Lastly, we inspect your brake fluid level to ensure safety, and once everything is in order, we update your service record.

How much does an electric vehicle service cost?

The prices of electric vehicle servicing can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Call our experts today for a service quote tailored to your specific EV.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my EV service?

At Saffron Autos, we’re always honest and transparent. You’re always kept in the loop from the moment you enter our garage. 

After your vehicle’s initial inspection is complete, we call you to present our findings and any recommended work required. We only begin working on your electric vehicle once you’ve given us the green light.

Stay in the know; call Saffron Autos for quality EV servicing.


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out of hours at Saffron Autos

Out of hours drop-off

Our after-hours drop-off and collection service is provided for your convenience. Call us for further details.

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Free courtesy car options

Enjoy our courtesy car while our experts work on your electric vehicle. Call Saffron Autos today and ask our team about it.

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Financial options available

0% finance repayment options are available to spread the cost of repairs. Contact our team today for more information.

Looking for electric vehicle servicing?

Call Saffron Autos today for a quality EV service.