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hybrid car servicing
hybrid car servicing

Hybrid Car Servicing

Welcome to Saffron Autos, Saffron Walden’s trusted local garage for all your hybrid car servicing needs. 

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular, and if you want to keep yours in peak condition, it needs regular servicing. Our skilled technicians have the experience, knowledge and skill set to care for all hybrid vehicles.

At Saffron Autos, our specialist technicians treat your vehicle like their own. We’ve got access to the same technical information as the main dealerships. Your hybrid vehicle always gets dealership-level servicing for better value. 

Call today and book your hybrid car servicing.

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hybrid car servicing

Do hybrid vehicles need servicing?

Indeed, hybrids combine electric with conventional components. Both systems need regular checks to ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition. 

This includes routine maintenance as well as checks on the hybrid battery system. 

If you’re unsure about your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, your manufacturer user’s manual will outline the recommended service intervals to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. 

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hybrid car servicing


Absolutely. Hybrid vehicles will benefit from yearly inspections. 

Like with any vehicle, the exact frequency depends on your hybrid vehicle’s make and model.

Typically, you can find this information in your vehicle handbook or through in-car service reminders. 

Choose Saffron Autos for your yearly hybrid servicing.

Book your quality hybrid car servicing; call Saffron Autos today.

hybrid car servicing

Why Saffron Autos for hybrid vehicle servicing?

By choosing Saffron Autos, you’ll get first-rate hybrid servicing for better than dealership value. 

Our experienced team is adept at handling a range of hybrid models, ensuring your vehicle receives the utmost care. 

We pride ourselves on treating every hybrid car as our own. For expert hybrid car servicing and peace of mind, call our team at Saffron Autos.

hybrid car servicing

How do I know if my service is due?

Wondering when your hybrid car service is due? It often depends on the vehicle’s mileage and how frequently it’s driven. 

However, at Saffron Autos, we generally advise an annual check-up for optimal performance. 

If there’s any uncertainty regarding your service schedule, our team is always ready to help. Call us today for more information.

Do I have to take my car to the manufacturer’s service center?

Not at all. Saffron Autos services all hybrid makes and models, providing a quality alternative to main dealerships. 

With our comprehensive expertise, there’s no reason to look elsewhere. Experience high-quality care for your hybrid vehicle at Saffron Autos.

Call us today for better-than-dealer servicing at better value.

hybrid car servicing

How quickly can you book me in?

At Saffron Autos, we aim to make your hybrid vehicle servicing as convenient as possible. Our team will book you in at a time that suits you. 

Book your hybrid car servicing today; call us on 01799 521273

Our opening hours are:

Mon- Fri | 8.00 am – 5.30 pm

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booking your hybrid car servicing

Book your quality hybrid car servicing; call Saffron Autos today.

What happens during an hybrid service? What do you replace/check?


Lighting & Visibility – A detailed examination of your vehicle’s lighting system ensures its faultless operation. We closely inspect each window, wiper, and mirror for defects and confirm that the number plates are clean and sturdy. Call our team today for all your hybrid service needs.


Vehicle Interior – We inspect the interior components of your hybrid vehicle for optimal operation. This includes reviewing the horn, indicators, seat belts, air conditioning, and hazard lights. Additionally, we solve any dashboard warning messages. For your comprehensive hybrid car servicing, call Saffron Autos today.


Steering, Drive, and Suspension – We assess your wheel bearings and joints for function and stability. All shock absorbers are reviewed, and we ensure your wheels are correctly aligned. Call our specialists today for quality hybrid car servicing.


Braking – Your vehicle’s braking system is evaluated to guarantee it operates safely and efficiently. Everything from brake pads to discs is inspected. Ensure your hybrid’s brakes are in prime condition; call Saffron Autos.


Under Bonnet – A comprehensive engine inspection pinpoints and addresses any concerns. Key components such as spark plugs, air filters and drive belts undergo a thorough inspection, and any worn parts are replaced with high-quality parts.


Under Vehicle – Your vehicle’s battery is reviewed for any signs of wear or potential damage. We also ensure the battery fluid remains at its optimal level and is leak-free. For specialist hybrid car servicing, call Saffron Autos today.


Tyre Inspection – We assess your wheel nuts for signs of rust and corrosion, ensuring they are free from defects. Your tyre tread undergoes a comprehensive check for wear or potential issues. Before refitting, we fine-tune your tyre pressures. Additionally, we ensure your spare tyre and inflation kit are in peak condition. For quality hybrid car servicing in Saffron Walden, call our team today.


Final Checks – Concluding the service, we top up the necessary fluids, such as oil and antifreeze. Your brake fluid level is assessed for safety, and with all checks done, your service record is updated. Call us today for a comprehensive hybrid car service.

How much does an Hybrid service cost?

The cost can differ based on the specifics of your vehicle (such as the make and model) and the scope of the service. 

Contact our specialists today for an accurate quote.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my hybrid service?

At Saffron Autos, we believe transparency is key. You’re always kept in the know with us.

After your hybrid vehicle’s initial inspection, we’ll call you to discuss our findings and any recommended work. We only start working on your hybrid when we have the go-ahead from you. 

You remain in complete control from start to finish. 

Call Saffron Autos today for quality Hybrid car servicing.


keeping you informed at Saffron Autos
out of hours at Saffron Autos

Out of hours drop-off

Can’t get here in time? Our after-hours drop-off and collection service is available. Call us for further details.

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Our courtesy car options

Use our free courtesy car while our experts service your hybrid vehicle. Ask our team about it when you call.

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Financial options available

Split the cost of an unexpected repair bill with our 0% finance repayment options. Contact our team today.

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