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Performance Tuning

Why not release the true potential of your car? Saffron Autos can upgrade the performance of your vehicle for extra power and extra drivability or, in some cases, better fuel economy.

Or maybe you have something more specific in mind like wanting to get extra power to tow a caravan, or carry a heavy load.

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Tuning at Saffron Autos

Car tuning

OSCARLI is the professional ECU software recalibration, re-mapping and chip tuning for road and motorsport applications. This ensures quality and functionality in every OSCARLI product.

As a result, OSCARLI is among the best in the world when it comes to engine tuning, and our own OSCARLI ECU upgrade is no exception. Optimising the engine control unit will enhance the power output and refine the driving characteristics of the car.

Whether the engine runs on petrol or diesel or is a forced induction or naturally aspirated engine – OSCARLI has a solution that will fit your car.

Tuning at Saffron Autos

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